So you hit your right target audience with the right message!

Facebook Ads Setup, Full Management & Coaching



Facebook ads are frustrating, confusing, overwhelming, and keep changing! Setting up Facebook Ads manager, your audiences, getting the right targeting, retargeting pixel, ad copy and graphics can be too overwhelming for most.


That’s why I created a my signature service called

Facebook and Instagram Ads – Fully Done for YOU!


This is different from what others in my industry are doing. Most want to fully manage your account for you and not show you what they are doing. Others may want to hand you a course and have you learn it yourself.


I am bringing together what I know business owners want and need the most based on my experience working with hundreds of business owners and that is a program fully set it up for you, but we coach you how to optimize and scale. You can take it over yourself or continue to have us manage.


Once you have the groundwork, you can repeat for additional offerings.


Why work with my Team? 😃

I have more than 20 years of experience and millions of dollars earned for clients and her own business using online marketing strategies, specializing in Facebook and Instagram advertising. 


We have worked with a number of small and worldwide businesses over the years, helping them reach their audience and grow their businesses through successful campaigns. We've grown Facebook Pages to 50+K Fans, generated thousands of leads and sales for businesses, in addition to reaching and engaging millions of targeted audiences for clients.  



Layout of 16-Week Ads Management

Phase 1: Discovery and Setup

Set up an initial call to review the goals of your ad, get access to your ads assets, create audiences, copy, creative.


Phase 2:

Launch and test ads for best performance


Phase 3:

Monitor and Scale ads


Commonly Asked Questions

Why is it important to get help?

If you start off with the right copy (what the ad says), graphics (picture that grabs attention) and audiences (hitting your core demographic is critical) – your ads will convert and cost less. If any of these pieces is off, your ads won’t work and you spend more money experimenting than is necessary.


How many ad funnels do I get?

One that you can run long-term. We will guide you on how to create one ad that creates brand awareness. This is simple enough to do over and over. Works great with video. We call this top of funnel. Our focus and setup will be for the bottom of funnel or conversion. This is where the leads and sales are made. This can be a funnel to do list-building or sell a product. This can go to a webinar, but this offer is NOT for product launches and it is also NOT for full ecommerce setup. (This is something we do, but will need to discuss fees further).


Who creates the landing page or website page we take the ads?  

The client. My team can create this for an additional fee. My team will also review and give suggestions on better conversion for landing page.


Do you have to have a landing page?

No. It is good to have a landing page. But, this depends on your goals. We have done well with lead ads too, that do not require any landing page.


What if I would rather just have my team fully manage after this?

We are open to that and can discuss pricing based on project


How long does it take for an ad campaign to go live?

Campaign will be live in between week 3 and 4.


What type of Facebook account do I need?

You need to have a business page


Is it possible to see results the first month?

Yes! We will need to test, but during the testing phase, you will still be getting leads.


A few of our Client Results:

Attorney - 12 new leads for complimentary consult in 3 weeks

Mortgage – Signed client in first 2 weeks – continues to get $15-$20 leads

Fitness Coach – 3 larger coaching sales in first 3 weeks

Financial List Building - Less than $.60 per lead

Business Coach – 4 leads in first week

Contracting Company - $600 ad spend = $30K sales

Fitness Center – Over 30 leads per week @ $15 per lead

My own business - $300 ad spend = $20,000/year client (Just one example)



…I could go on and on with results. Just wanted to show you a few examples. Now, it's your turn.


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