Advertising - and the ability to advertise profitably - is the single greatest guarantee you can find for securing all these things. ​

So, if you have ever... 

  • Launch ads, but fail to generate leads for your business.

  • Launched a campaign only to have it crash and burn after it starts...

  • Felt like your ad isn’t getting as much engagement as it should... 

  • Have your ad costs increased but you don’t know why.

….Then what I have put together is for YOU.

I will answer all the questions that you have before launching your ads

  • How many ad sets should you have while starting your campaigns?

  • How do I update the ads to work with iOS14?

  • How many creatives should you test?

  • What is the right budget for my campaigns?

  • How should I find my audience on Facebook and Instagram?

  • How should I design an attention grabbing ad creative?

  • What kind of ad copy should I write? 

  • Should I use CBO?


Launching Ads is JUST The Beginning...

You will also discover the following:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes you can make when launching, testing and scaling ads specific methods to create ads that convert to leads and sales

  • Show you my top strategies to turn your leads into PROFIT

  • Understand the types of campaigns that will convert the most for your business

  • The Launch and Scaling Methods You Must Know to increase your profits

  • Give you confidence to understand your ad analytics and how your money is being spent 

  • Understand the types of ads that are best for your business

  • Stay on top of all the latest algorithm changes and updates

On top of that, you will get answers to the below questions that ONLY A FACEBOOK ads practitioner can answer (NO GURU will ever tell you this)

  • When to kill your adset

  • The 3C’s you need to monitor your ads (These are the most important metrics in Facebook advertising)

  • How to identify winners

  • How to tweak ads to make them successful

And much more... 

Live Weekly

  • Ad Fundamentals

  • Weekly Ads Lessons

  • Ad Reviews 

  • Ad Data Reviews

  • Entire Funnel Reviews

  • Trouble-shooting

  • Coaching with how to Convert your Leads to Sales

Business Manager

  • Learn the ins and outs

  • Avoid Hours of Confusion

  • ios14 setup

Best Practices and Tools for Creative

  • Writing Copy

  • Creating Graphics

  • Creating Video

Launch and Scale Ads WITH support!

  • Gain the knowledge to Reading your Ad Data, Know What's Working and Steps to Scaling.

Believe it or not, Facebook DOES want to put your ad in front of the right people.


That’s why they offer many filters and targeting features and that’s where I can help you take advantage.


"Janet's ad methods helped me gain email lead at less than $1/lead. This is amazing when most are lucky to get leads under $5 with Facebook Ads. But, at first, we were not converting on backend.

She gave me recommendations on my sales funnels, upsells and offers until I saw an ROI.

She really understands how to launch, read data and shift to make them work. "

Leah Meyers

Freelance Network

Facebook Community

Weekly Calls & Trainings

About ME

Worldwide Speaker, Trainer, Agency Owner that has generated millions of dollars for clients and my own business using online marketing.


I have been in the online marketing world since 1998 starting my business with selling on eBay while running a daycare in my basement. From there, I shifted to affiliate marketing, SEO and social media marketing. 


I transitioned over 5 years ago to fully mastering lead generation with Facebook and Instagram. 


With having an Elementary Education Degree, I have a heart for training others and simplifying the methods out there so clients get RESULTS!


Why Ads Evolution Coaching? ​

What if the program does not deliver whatever is promised?

I cannot afford it.

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