Are you overwhelmed with ineffective Facebook Ads? 

Are you not sure where to start when it comes to Ads? 

Are you running ads, but feel you are spending too much

Discover how to get Higher Return with your Facebook and Instagram Ads for More

Revenue, Sales and Clients



If you’re DONE with the struggles and frustration of figuring out how to run effective Facebook and Instagram ads

so you don’t feel like you’re just throwing your money away…

or you are not getting consistent leads for your business...

or you don't have thousands of dollars to spend to hire an agency...

Then it’s time to start 2021 with a better plan and get some high-level, hands on help so you no longer feel like you’re alone and just wasting money!

The stakes are higher than ever to get the right audience to your product or services. 


With so many people online you need to stand out and running ads are the fastest way to

get in front of the ‘right’ people and grow your business!


I get where you’re at.  Before I built my own agency I felt like…

  • I couldn’t keep up with all the changes Facebook makes & it took too much of my time

  • I ended up trying to figure out the ‘right thing’ and so I never executed the ads

  • I didn’t understand how to read or interpret the data to know what worked and what didn’t

  • I didn’t know how to create a budget or what was reasonable to get a return on the investment

  • I constantly needed to learn one more thing to reach my audience


The Real Reason You’re Not Getting The Leads And Making Sales is Because You Aren’t Getting in Front of Enough People


Think of other online marketers you admire who seem to have lots of followers and people in their programs. It is because they are leveraging and scaling advertising to bring them in!


They invest in a budget, convey their message that attracts their ideal audience that they then bring into a sales funnel to nurture and grow.


Successful entrepreneurs want to go fast and the way to do that is through targeted advertising campaigns.


That’s why I created Ads Evolution Coaching!


So I could help coaches, consultants, course creators, entrepreneurs, social media managers and local businesses save time and money by sharing what I learned and continue to learn and implement so you don’t have to figure it out on your own!

High-Level, Hands-On Guidance for

Facebook & Instagram Ads Success for 6 Months!

Once you register for Ads Evolution Coaching, You will immediately start implementing, from setting up your ads to creating converting copy and graphics, finding your best audiences, learning how to test so your business gains leads and ascends to SALES AND NEW CLIENTS. 

Live Weekly:

  • Ad Fundamentals
  • Weekly Ads Lessons
  • Ad Reviews 
  • Ad Data Reviews
  • Entire Funnel Reviews
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Coaching with how to Convert your Leads to Sales

Business Manager

  • Learn the ins and outs 
  • Avoid Hours of Confusion

Best Practices and Tools for Creative:

  • Writing Copy
  • Creating Graphics
  • Creating Video

Launch and Scale Ads WITH support!

Gain the knowledge to Reading your Ad Data, Know What's Working and Steps to Scaling.

Believe it or not, Facebook DOES want to put your ad in front of the right people. That’s why they offer many filters and targeting features and that’s where I can help you take advantage.

About ME


Worldwide Speaker, Trainer, Agency Owner that has generated millions of dollars for clients and my own business using online marketing.


I have been in the online marketing world since 1998 starting my business with selling on eBay while running a daycare in my basement. From there, I shifted to affiliate marketing, SEO and social media marketing. 


I transitioned over 5 years ago to fully mastering lead generation with Facebook and Instagram. 


With having an Elementary Education Degree, I have a heart for training others and simplifying the methods out there so clients get RESULTS!











"Janet's ad methods helped me gain email leads at less than $1/lead. This is amazing when most are lucky to get leads under $5 with Facebook Ads. But, at first, we were not converting on backend.

She gave me recommendations on my sales funnels, upsells and offers until I saw an ROI.

She really understands how to launch, read data and shift to make them work. "

Leah Meyers

Freelance Network

Launching Ads is JUST The Beginning...

Ads Evolution Coaching:


➡️ Helps you avoid the biggest mistakes you can make when launching, testing and scaling ads


➡️ Specific methods to create ads that convert to leads and sales


➡️ Show you my top strategies to turn your leads into PROFIT


➡️ Uncover your unique audiences so you show up in front of the right people


➡️ Understand the types of campaigns that will convert the most for your business


➡️ The Launch and Scaling Methods You Must Know to increase your profits


➡️ Gives you confidence to understand your ad analytics and how your money is being spent


➡️ Understand the types of ads that are best for your business


➡️ Stay on top of all the latest algrorithm changes and updates




We will help you design a plan, offer, ads, understand results and how to shift or scale to get more leads than ever before with Facebook Ads!








Imagine having a system of leads and sales coming in day after day.

How would your business look then?


Weekly Live Reviews and Trainings


We will dive into...

  • Ninja method to thousands of Facebook followers in under a week! 

  • How to craft a compelling offer so that you attract the right people

  • Ad fundamentals to simplify so that you save time & money

  • Business Manager navigation for a simpler workflow

  • Types of ad creative that will grab the attention of your audience 

  • Advise to spend less and get more profits

  • Review your sales funnel to ensure that it is performing at its best

  • Reviews of all ad data, what to look for and how to optimize

  • Continuous reviews and updates of all the above

Below is more detail on what you get with Ads Evolution Coaching vs Hiring an Agency 


  • 1st 10 People that Pay In Full ($300 Value)

    1 Hour Private Zoom Coaching Call to personalize and plan your offers

  • Ads ROI Academy ($497 Value)

    Self-Paced Trainings on all Facebook and Instagram Ads Fundamentals

  • Upcoming Monthly Paid Trainings (Free with Membership) (Over $400 Value)

    Public charged trainings will be held on a monthly basis. These will run from $27-$47 per training, but FREE for members

  • Mini-Series List Building Ads Training - Full Access($297 Value)

    This training will be available in the member area




Who is this for?
Coach, Consultant, Speakers, Course Creators and Local Business (Name businesses on call) – Businesses looking for lead generation, list-building, brand awareness. You can also use this program to train YOU or your employee.


Will I understand different types of ads from this program?

YES! We will run through the different types of ads AND I will suggest types of ads that will work best for your business and you will get ads reviewed when you need them.


Are you sure Facebook ads are right for me?

Is your audience on Facebook and/or Instagram? Then, yes! Most cost effective advertising platform today!


Is learning Facebook and Instagram ads a smart investment?

As stated above, this is the most cost effective, targeted ad platform today.


When will calls be? And What if I can’t make the live calls?

Weekly Calls will be held weekly - Thursdays at Noon CST. 1x per month we will do a call on Tuesday at 11 am CST. We also will be available to reach out to in between these times for reviews. Obviously, when you can make live calls and ask questions on the spot, it is most beneficial. But, all calls are recorded and in member area quickly. We also welcome questions in our Facebook group too.


How long do I have access?

This is a 6-Month Hands-On Coaching Program. You will have access the full 6 months. This access is available as you want to use. Attending trainings are optional. Use as you need and want. You can choose to continue on a month-to-month basis after.


Is there a guarantee?

I guarantee you will walk away with an understanding of ads manager, strategies and knowing what direction to go for your business. You will get leads if you follow the steps taught. I also offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t get the value expected.


Will I learn how to build a sales funnel?

Yes – We walk through, review, break this down and help with all the moving parts. However, the ads will be the main focus of the coaching. The entire funnel can affect how the ads perform, so all of it is important.

2 Options

Investment Options




Multiple Payment Options Available


6 Months Group Coaching




Ads ROI Academy

A-Z Ads Training

Personal Coaching Reviews

Private Membership

Weekly Calls

Facebook Community

BONUS! List Building with Ads

BONUS! Dynamic Ads


Management + Coaching


Multiple Payment Options Available


One-on-One, Full Setup and Management

for 1st 30 Days + 6 Months Group Coaching

Full Management & Setup for 30 Days!

Ads ROI Academy

A-Z Ads Training

Personal Coaching Reviews

Private Membership

Weekly Calls

Facebook Community

BONUS! List Building with Ads

BONUS! Dynamic Ads

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